Press Release: Two Sisters Revolutionize the Curly Hair Care Industry in Toronto

Take Khair Beauty Supply & Hair Salon


Toronto, ON - Founded by sisters Mackenzie and Hailie, Take Khair Beauty is dedicated to providing an immersive one-stop-shop experience, with a specific focus on curly textured hair. With both a retail and hair studio component, the space has become Toronto’s largest Black owned beauty supply store.

At Take Khair Beauty, customers can expect an elevated shopping experience as they explore a curated selection of 400+ products in a warm and inviting atmosphere. With friendly and knowledgeable staff on-hand, shoppers can find the perfect solutions for their unique hair needs while also having the opportunity to visit the in-store hair studio for professional services.

The inspiration behind Take Khair Beauty stems from Mackenzie and Hailie's personal journey into accepting and celebrating their natural hair. For many women of colour, having textured hair can be challenging given Eurocentric beauty standards in North America. “As kids we grew up in a predominately white neighbourhood, with girls with long straight hair and having a White mom with long blond hair, who didn’t know how to do curly hair. Hailie and I also recognized the lack of quality retail options catering to individuals with textured hair, said Mackenzie, Co-Founder of Take Khair Beauty.

What makes Take Khair Beauty unique is it’s Toronto’s first one-stop-shop beauty supply store that caters to individuals with all types of textured hair. In Toronto, there are several major beauty supply stores that cater to Black women but are not Black owned. The Black population in Canada is 5 times larger than the Korean population, but Korean-owned hair care brands dominate the Canadian Black hair product market. Many individuals of colour that walk into these spaces are greeted with glaring surveillance camera’s and are treated with suspicion rather than with exceptional customer service. With the Black hair care industry valued at over $2.5B in North America, it is crucial that businesses built off the backs of this community are here to both serve and empower the community.

"Take Khair Beauty is more than just a store; it's a therapeutic community hub," said Mackenzie, co- founder of Take Khair Beauty. "We want to bring people together, inspire self-expression, and celebrate the beauty of textured hair. Our mission is to create a space where every individual feels embraced, empowered, and confident in their unique identity."

The space offers an extensive range of in-demand products carefully selected to accommodate a variety of curl patterns and textures. Beyond being a retail destination, Take Khair Beauty aims to be a sanctuary for inspiration, providing interactive classes and hair services that encourage customers to embrace their natural beauty without feeling rushed or undervalued.

"Our brand's name, Take Khair, is a reflection of our commitment to providing an inclusive shopping experience centered on confidence through self-care," added Hailie, co-founder of Take Khair Beauty. "We want to redefine beauty standards and show the world that textured hair is beautiful, powerful, and deserves the utmost care and attention."

Take Khair Beauty is located at 574 St. Clair Ave W Toronto, ON. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at